10 tips to start a successful week (plus one extra tip)

1. Everything starts the week before

In order to start a successful week, you have to end the previous one in a successful way. Try to keep your email inbox empty. Answer all the emails that need to be answered before you leave your office on Friday afternoon (or if you work from home, before you shut down the computer and enjoy the weekend!). Clear up your desk and office space and prepare for a great start on Monday morning. Don’t wait for the new week to start to plan it. Instead, take half an hour before you shut the office and plan your goals, targets and meetings for the week ahead.

2. Sunday Funday

sunday funday

Have fun, enjoy your weekend. That’s what Sundays are for. Spend your time with friends and family and do the things you enjoy most. Go for a bicycle tour with your kids, meet up your friends for a girls’ spa afternoon, go shopping with your mother, and dance the night away with your husband…  And when the weekend comes to an end: do something relaxing, have a good night sleep and remember: You run your own business. You get to do what you always wanted to do. So, don’t complain about #mondayblues. Instead, celebrate the beauty of a new week ahead of you and THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY!

3. Manage your household like your company

Let’s be realistic: As a female CEO you not only run your own business –you run a household, too. Husband, children, in-laws… Hopefully, they are all very proud of your business success but I am sure they (and you too) often fall back into traditional gender roles and think women are the ones who should take care of cleaning, cooking, etc. But I tell you a secret: You can’t do it all alone and you shouldn’t. Just like in your company, you shouldn’t be doing all the ground work yourself, learn how to outsource your household tasks. Order groceries online, employ a maid to keep the house clean and tidy, prepare a meal plan to ensure healthy and happy eating habits for your family, etc. I suggest you write down all chores –however big or small – and discuss with all your family members (kids, parents, grandparents) who can take care of what and what needs to be outsourced. Do invest in keeping a maid or cook if that frees time for you to spend with your family after a busy day at work.

4. Your home represents your inner self

Ever heard of the saying that a cluttered house means a cluttered mind? Though I think creative chaos can help you succeed in life and business, you should keep your house clutter-free and organized.

Like Kahlil Gibran said “Your house is your larger body”, I truly believe that there is a connection between how you feel and how it looks around you. Follow these simple but effective house rules to have a clean and beautiful house: 1. Have a home for everything you own. 2. If it takes less than one minute, do it right away. 3. No dirty dishes in the sink before you go to bed.

I promise you, your home will look much more organized and cleaner and you will feel inspired and confident to take on the world.

5. Exercise: First thing in the morning

We all know it: Physical activity is important for our bodies, minds and souls. Regular exercise increases our focus, decreases stress, makes us feel happier and more relaxed, boosts our energy and helps us sleep better at night. At still, this is one of the things during the day that we always postpone. In the mornings, we rush to work; during the day there is no time to even think about exercising; and at night, we are exhausted and want to spend that little time we have with our loved ones. Well, keep your alarm 15 minutes earlier, jump out of bed, turn on some music and get your body moving. There are endless fitness videos on youtube that you can follow or if you want to start your day calmer –try yoga. I usually hit the gym at 6 o’clock in the morning. Whatever it is for you: Get your daily exercise done first thing in the morning before you get busy in the daily routine and disaster management of a startup CEO.

6. Meditate before you leave the house.


Take a couple of minutes to ground yourself. This will help you to stay focused and be a strong business woman however stressful and crazy the day may be(come).

There are many different methods and ways in which you can meditate. The important point is that you focus: focus on yourself, on the moment, your opportunities. Visualize yourself as a happy and successful businesswoman who gets stuff done.

7. The holy hour in office

Reach office an extra hour early on Monday mornings and get some of the big and strategic things done before people arrive with their #mondayblues. You are the CEO of this company, you love what you do. Always remember: YOU love Monday mornings! Try to nurture the same feeling in your employees. Make it fun for them to come to office after a weekend of joy and happiness with friends and family. Turn on some music and dance the Mondayblues away –then kick ass and get awesome work done.

8. #iHeartToDoLists

to do list

I am a big fan of writing to-do lists. I need to get everything out of my mind and put it on old-fashion paper before I start my work. And yes, to-do lists can be dangerous when the act of writing things down and crossing them off becomes more important than actually getting stuff done. So make sure you take limited time (maximum 30 minutes) to prepare yourself with a powerful WEEKLY to-do list and then get started.

I suggest keeping only one MOST IMPORTANT TASK for each day and two SECONDARY TASKS OF IMPORTANCE. Everything else is “nice-to-get-done-today” but not essential to feel productive and accomplished.

9. Kiss the Frog

Most people call it ‘eat the frog’ and with that they mean to do your most difficult (which is usually your most important) task first. I call it Kiss the Frog because I believe in the beauty of life: and who knows –your frog may turn into a prince.

kiss the frog

We all know the syndrome of getting 20 things done in a day –but not that one thing we are supposed to do since ages. I promise you if you stop thinking of an old, ugly and stinky toad but instead just kiss that frog, you will feel amazing. This will give you a great sense of accomplishment and boosts your confidence that everything is possible.

10. Reward yourself

Make sure you reward yourself after completing your priorities for the day to keep your motivation levels high: movie’s night with your family on Tuesday, girls’ lunch on Wednesday, beauty parlour on Thursday, etc.

11. Love what you do and Do what you love!

Always remember: This is your life and it is too short to live someone else’s dreams. The only way to be successful is to do what you love.