100th Startup Saturday Event

Startup Saturday is the flagship initiative of the Headstart Network and they are celebrating their 100th event in Mumbai.

The first Startup Saturday Mumbai (#SSMUM) took place on 10th May 2008 and has been organised on the second Saturday of every month since then. The Centennial event will be celebrated on 20th August 2016.

Over the years, Startup Saturday has given early stage entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their ideas, network with fellow entrepreneurs, search for team members/co-founders and learn from entrepreneurs who share their experiences on the #SSMUM platform.

#SSMUM100 will be about celebrating the success of entrepreneurs who have been a part of the initiative since its inception and the commitment of aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs to develop and launch their startups.

More details about the event below. Tickets can be purchased here.

100th Startup Saturday Event in Mumbai
100th Startup Saturday Event in Mumbai

Be part of empoWer – India’s first accelerator for women entrepreneurs building tech-enabled businesses

Here is your last minute chance to be part of Indian history. empoWer is India’s first accelerator for women entrepreneurs building tech-enabled businesses and you can apply here to be part of it.

If you are woman entrepreneur – apply now; the deadline for application is 31 May 2016 (tomorrow EOD). The accelerator program includes mentoring, workshops, case studies of successful women led startups, industry connect, peer network,  investor connect and over 60 lakhs in cash and professional services.

Find all the details below.

Zone Startup Women Only Accelerator

Morning Routine for Power Women

Wow. This morning I got so much done. It is 11.24am right now and 90% of my to-do list for the day is completed. Such a great feeling. (If anyone wants to come over and celebrate success, I am dancing in my home office and listening to WHO RUN THE WORLD by Beyoncé…)

Have you ever felt that if you start your day right everything just aligns towards success and happiness? Here are my tips for a great start to the day.

Morning Routine for Power Women

Get enough sleep. A great start to the day begins with a good night sleep. Experts suggest 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. That means: If you want to wake up at 6am, you better be in bed by 10pm (and maybe read a book instead of scrolling through Instagram).

Go for a walk in the park. If you have the luxury of greenery around you, take advantage of it and go for a quick morning walk as soon as you wake up. I do this even before I brush my teeth. I get out of the bed, wear my gym clothes, take my phone and listen to an inspirational/business audio book while I take a few rounds in my building complex (We don’t have a park nearby but  plenty of trees and a community garden in our society). I love to breathe in the fresh air and see the sun rise. The best way to wake up body, mind and soul.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Why do you think the most successful and influential people in the world eat a healthy breakfast? Because it fuels you for the rest of the day. I love quick oats with a punch of fruits or brown bread and scrambled eggs the way my Mom used to make it when I was a kid. On weekends, we usually indulge in long breakfasts and lazy brunches. Check out what Richard Branson and Co. eat for breakfast here.

Exercise. Before getting into phone calls, business mails and a stressful day at work, I hit the gym. Sometimes, my husband and I play an hour of squash together. Sometimes, I simply run a few miles. And when we have friends or family visiting us, we go for a morning swim.

Launch: empoWer – India’s 1st Accelerator Program for Women Entrepreneurs

Zone Startups India launches its women focused accelerator program “empoWer” on Friday, 29 April 2016 at 4.30pm.

Entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, investors and media are invited for the grand launch which includes a plenary session and panel discussion. In addition, a walk through of the program benefits and takeaways is planned.

“empoWer” is India’s 1st accelerator program for women entrepreneurs building technology enabled ventures.

The event is supported by the Department of Science & Technology, Google, GIZ, Vodafone, Nishith Desai Associates and State Bank of India. Speakers and Panelists include:

Deena Mehta (Managing Director, Asit C. Mehta Investment Interrmediates Ltd & Independent Director – NPCI), Anuja Shukla (Google Cloud Platform – Venture Capital, Accelerator and Incubator), Naiyya Saggi (Co-Founder Babychakra), Sarin Thamby (Vice President – Strategy, Technology and Architecture Vodafone), Dr. Anita Gupta (Director, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India) and Amit Kumar (Program Manager, Innovation Promotion in MSME, Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH).

Register for FREE here.

“empoWer” is India’s 1st accelerator program for women entrepreneurs building technology enabled ventures.
“empoWer” is India’s 1st accelerator program for women entrepreneurs building technology enabled ventures.


P.S. Our founder and CEO will be present at the event, too. Do come by and say hi if you see her…

Josh Meets Women Change-makers on 08 March 2016 in Delhi (…and we are giving away 5 tickets for free)

Did you know that my mom never wanted a Mother’s Day gift from me but you be happy if I wish her on International Women’s Day? 08 March should be a special day to all of us. A day to point out the many struggles women all around the world face. A day to remind ourselves of the obstacles we as women overcame. And a day to celebrate our success.

Josh Meets Women Change-Makers on 08 March 2016 in Delhi
Josh Meets Women Change-Makers on 08 March 2016 in Delhi


Josh Meets Women Changer-makers is all set for this year’s International Women’s Day: 6 women will share their stories: the ones of struggle, obstacles and success. And you have not only the chance to listen to their stories but also to ask questions.

For more details of the event, visit their FB event here. I am super excited that we are running a FB contest and we will be giving away 5 free tickets for the event. All you have to do? Tell us WHICH WOMAN IN INDIA INSPIRES YOU THE MOST? WHY? So, head over to our FB page and comment your answer below the FB post. Good luck!

Josh Meets Change-makers on 08 March 2016 in Delhi
Josh Meets Change-makers on 08 March 2016 in Delhi
P.S. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, you can Apply for a ticket here: http://bit.ly/WomenOfTheWorld Once your application is selected, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 250 to guarantee your seat. Applications Close at 11pm on 29th February, 2016.

What to do when you are overwhelmed by too much work


Did that ever happen to you? You have a long list of to-do’s, a couple of deadlines coming up in a few hours and you have no clue how to get it all done in time? You feel so overwhelmed by everything that you can’t even concentrate on getting your work done…

Well, that is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I spent a wonderful Sunday with my husband and zero work (I didn’t even check my emails). I had a few things planned for the day that I needed to get done before the week starts but my husband surprised me with lazy Sunday brunch (remember it was Valentine’s Day) and I just loved spending the whole day with him and not turning on my laptop to get to the work items that were pending…

Fast forward to Monday morning: I didn’t wake up on time (I was suppose to sit at my desk by 6.30am to work on the things I ignored the previous day) and as soon as I woke up, I had a call with one of my suppliers who couldn’t deliver an item on time. Are you kidding me, Monday morning? Before I even turned on my laptop, my mood was already ruined and again I saw my to-do-list with way to many tasks to complete in a single day.

Being overwhelmed by too much work and too little time, I started multi-tasking (the worst thing ever!)… With 20 windows open in my internet browser, a couple of excel sheets and a Skype call, my laptop too was overwhelmed and crashed. Oh no! I didn’t know whether I should shout or cry…

And that is when I realized that I had to calm down and re-focus on what really had to get done today before I could attempt any of my work.

Sounds familiar? Well, here are 3 things that I did yesterday that helped me to overcome my stress and helped me to focus on my work again:

  1. I de-cluttered and organized my work space –including my laptop desktop. Chaos on my desk symbolizes the chaos in my mind and when I clear the physical clutter my mind can focus better. (But make sure you don’t waste too much time doing a physical clean-up: I suggest max. 10 minutes)
  2. I went to the gym. I suggest you do 30 minutes of cardio exercise. I love to sweat out my stress. As a warm-up, I suggest you listen to your favorite songs and dance.
  3. I cleared my email inbox: one email at a time. Often we have so many unread emails in our inbox and many of them can be answered/worked upon within less than a minute. Ignore the emails that overwhelm you or need more time to act upon and instead focus on the quick ones like paying your phone bill, confirming a meeting, etc. Imagine you can reduce the clutter in your email inbox by 20 emails in 20 minutes.

And suddenly, I felt back in control. I then took my to-do-list and marked the items that could not wait for tomorrow and wrote them on to a new piece of paper. Prioritizing is very important –especially when you run your own business and you have to play multiple roles. Know exactly what MUST BE DONE and what are add-on items on your list that can wait or be done by someone else.

Writing the ABSOLUTE MUST DO’s on an extra list (and keeping the other list away) helped me to realize what I need to focus on.

Please let me know in the comments below if these tips help you as well and also if you have some more advice for everyone who feels overwhelmed by too much work.

Reemma Dalal from Mix and Mingle

Reema Dalal, Founder of Mix and Mingle
Reemma Dalal, Founder of Mix and Mingle

Name of your business:

Mix and Mingle (Website: www.mixandmingle.in)

Tell us about your business…

Mix and Mingle was created to fulfill Mumbai’s need for a fresh outlook on its social scene, particularly for the discerning singles crowd. It provides an opportunity for singles to meet new people and expand their social network in a safe environment-something that can be challenging for those who have a demanding job, are new to the city, or just simply reserved.

What motivated you to start your own business?

My business partner Jemma and I, were in between jobs when we thought of the idea of Mix and Mingle. We were friends even before we started the company, and used to go out a lot to various events, lounges, bars and clubs. We noticed that the average age group of people who were on a night out were quite young. We thought of organizing an event that specifically catered to singles 30 years and up. It is generally harder to make connections at this age when many of your friends have either gotten married, have kids or moved away. Also we knew quite a few single people in their 30’s and wanted to bring them together in a fun and relaxed environment.

Which have been the biggest challenges when starting your business?

Although the mindset of single people is changing over the years, many are still intimidated by the idea of attending a singles event. They still feel that it’s safer and more comfortable to meet someone either through their friends, family or parents. Some singles feel that attending a singles event means putting yourself out there and possibly looking desperate.

How did you overcome these challenges?

We have been trying to change the mindset over the years by providing a comfortable, safe space for like-minded people to meet. We make it a point to screen everyone who attends our events to avoid having people who do not belong in such an event. In our monthly newsletter, we try to address issues that single men and women face and suggest tips on how to tackle these issues. We have also started organizing workshops on different topics related to singles. We realize that it can be difficult for singles in Mumbai since we constantly face criticism or judgement from family or friends if you are not married at a certain age. We wanted to create a space where they feel safe, they are not judged and they can actually be themselves and meet like minded people.

How did you find your first customers?

We find our customers through Facebook, Meetup, Twitter, Instagram and also word of mouth. Many of our clients like attending our events and recommend their single friends to do the same.

What is the most effective way to sell your products/services?

Social media. We are present on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Meetup.

What is the most exciting part of running your own business?

1) I can be my own boss and I am not answerable to anyone. 2) I can find my own work and life balance. 3) l can choose people I want to work with. 4) I can challenge myself. 5) l can connect with my clients. 6) I can follow my passion

What is your least favorite part of running your own business?

My least favorite part of business is routine back end work, updating database, following up with payments, following up with clients before the events to make sure they are going to attend our events.

How do you stay motivated during difficult times?

By keeping my head up high. The toughest challenge can help us grow the most. Appreciate and be grateful and if you want something you can make it happen.

Who inspires you?

My mother –she is a reiki master and spiritual healer. She helps me to stay positive at all times.

What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs?

Follow your heart. Your heart will lead you to the place you are supposed to be and if you really truly believe in something, you will make it happen. But you have to believe in it, because you live it and breathe it each day. If you are not passionate about it and you don’t love it, it’s going to present a lot of challenges especially when you get to the hard stuff.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Reema!

You can check out more  details here and please share some social media love with the team of Mix and Mingle via Facebook and Twitter.


3 Events our Team will attend this weekend

What are you doing this weekend? The team of Entrepreneuress.in will not only participate in the 10km charity run on Sunday organized by Footsteps 4 Good… We will also spend the Saturday getting inspired by the stories of entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, artists, photographers, surgeons, and many more.

Yellow Talks 06 Feb 2016 in BKC, Mumbai

We L-O-V-E all things startups and are super excited to hear the stories of speakers from various fields like Art, Finance, Science, Healthcare, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Technology, Photographer, Sports etc.

Sounds interesting? Come and join us for these events. Check out the details below.

Yellow Talks on Saturday 06 Feb 2016 in BKC, Mumbai

Startup Grind: Jitendra Gupta (Founder Citrus Payments) on Saturday 06 Feb 2016 in Lower Parel, Mumbai

Footsteps 4 Good Charity Run / Walk on Sunday 07 Feb 2016 in BKC, Mumbai.

Take A Step. Change A Life.

Watch this space!

Soon, you will find many inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs in India here!

If you are a woman and starting or running your own business and would like to be featured, please click here and fill out the Female Founders Form.

Are you looking for co-working space in Lower Parel (Mumbai)?

Co-working space 1

A Fashion Tech Startup based in Lower Parel (Mumbai) has 6-8 extra desks available in their  brand new creative office space as they postponed their hiring efforts. Lucky you 🙂

Conference RoomCo-working space 4

The office was designed by a renowned architect and it’s a ready to use, plug and play set up – all you need is your laptop & charger. There is also a conference room for meetings, a restroom and pantry.

Co-working space 2 Co-working space 3

PRICE: 8500 INR per desk/month (preferable min. 3 months commitment)

For more details, please get in touch with Nina via email: 468nina (at) gmail (dot) com. Only serious enquiries (Spammers are super uncool!)

Co-working space 5 Restroom