Morning Routine for Power Women

Wow. This morning I got so much done. It is 11.24am right now and 90% of my to-do list for the day is completed. Such a great feeling. (If anyone wants to come over and celebrate success, I am dancing in my home office and listening to WHO RUN THE WORLD by Beyoncé…)

Have you ever felt that if you start your day right everything just aligns towards success and happiness? Here are my tips for a great start to the day.

Morning Routine for Power Women

Get enough sleep. A great start to the day begins with a good night sleep. Experts suggest 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. That means: If you want to wake up at 6am, you better be in bed by 10pm (and maybe read a book instead of scrolling through Instagram).

Go for a walk in the park. If you have the luxury of greenery around you, take advantage of it and go for a quick morning walk as soon as you wake up. I do this even before I brush my teeth. I get out of the bed, wear my gym clothes, take my phone and listen to an inspirational/business audio book while I take a few rounds in my building complex (We don’t have a park nearby but  plenty of trees and a community garden in our society). I love to breathe in the fresh air and see the sun rise. The best way to wake up body, mind and soul.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Why do you think the most successful and influential people in the world eat a healthy breakfast? Because it fuels you for the rest of the day. I love quick oats with a punch of fruits or brown bread and scrambled eggs the way my Mom used to make it when I was a kid. On weekends, we usually indulge in long breakfasts and lazy brunches. Check out what Richard Branson and Co. eat for breakfast here.

Exercise. Before getting into phone calls, business mails and a stressful day at work, I hit the gym. Sometimes, my husband and I play an hour of squash together. Sometimes, I simply run a few miles. And when we have friends or family visiting us, we go for a morning swim.